Tree Bomber & Other Stories

Tree Bomber & Other Stories

by Aaron M. Wilson

A stunning collection of short fiction from Aaron M. Wilson, Author of The Paperless Doctrine of 2152. In this new collection Wilson shows off his ability to create memorable worlds and lasting moments.

He never feels the constraints of staying inside the bounds of a single genre, sometimes combining bike fiction, Cthulhu-lore, and fantasy into one short story. Stories like The Paperless Doctrine pay homage to Ray Bradbury, while the title track, Tree Bomber, plays like a bike-zine about eco justice.

Wilson’s characters exist as much to tell a story as they do to tell a story as they do to channel Wilson’s frustration at injustices in the world and show that our choices have consequences. In this collection you’ll find ten stories from Wilson’s unique vision of the world:

  • Tagger
  • The Bike Mechanic
  • The First Supper
  • Tree Bomber
  • What’s for Dinner
  • Rising of Cthulhu’s Cultist
  • Keeping Watch
  • The MoPac Trail
  • Lethal Options
  • The Paperless Doctrine of 2152