by S. Christopher

The world cries out for justice, peace, healing, and inspiration — and heroes arise. Unfortunately, they stick around after that.

Everything in the city is new to John-Paul, including a new identity he never asked for and strange abilities everyone seems to take for granted. Is this all a cruel hoax on a wide-eyed farmboy?

Everyone wants something from Pandora, and she'll go along just to figure out what's happening. Is there more to this photojournalism intern than she thinks?

Everywhere conspiracies lurk in Titian's mind. Is the old man as rich and powerful as he seems, or is he as much of a pawn as he considers his underlings?

Every day is another chance for the world to spin out of control around Clownfish. Is she the only one who wonders when and where everything went wrong?

Perhaps the imminent destruction of Gigapolis, home to millions of perfectly average people happy to leave heroics to heroes, will clarify their thinking — if it doesn’t kill them all first.

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