Onyx Neon Shorts: Horror Collection 2015

Onyx Neon Shorts: Horror Collection 2015

by Jarl Nicholl, MJ Wesolowski, Brit Jones, Franklin Charles Murdock, Jackie Woodard, Tracy Fahey, Elizabeth Myrrdin, DJ Tyrer, B.T. Joy, Jeremy Thompson

Fans of horror will be delighted by the dark delicacies in this collection of horror’s up-and-coming stars. Onyx Neon Shorts Presents: Horror Collection 2015 brings together 13 tales of horror from authors all over the world. These stories are about haunted houses, obsession, insanity, cults, the unexplainable repetition of goddess worship, and the psychological and physical terror that only humans can inflict.

This collection celebrates one of literature’s most popular forms of fiction by bringing together horror writers from all over the world, offering a unique vision of the genre. Edited by Jacob Michael King (author of Postmortem), Jarl Nicholl (author of The Birth of Venus), and Jeffrey P. Martin (Head Editor of Onyx Neon Shorts). This is the first in a yearly horror collection series. In this collection you will find:

Ellie Hill by MJ Wesolowski

A late-night excursion leads three students to the cursed village of Ellie Hill, where they discover that disrespecting a place’s painful past carries a terrible price.

82 Rungs by Brit Jones

It seemed like a routine sewage job. Now two men find themselves isolated from their employers, with no escape from the subterranean labyrinth in which they work. And the environment is undergoing subtle, disturbing changes…

What Little Remains by Franklin Charles Murdock

Seamus hides a secret in the back of his barn in Palmer, Kansas. Little does he know that the dead have desires of their own—Seamus isn’t the only one with murder on his mind.

Insanity by Jackie Woodard

Vanessa and her doctor try to get to the bottom of her seemingly harmless delusions.

Something Nasty in the Woodshed by Tracy Fahey

Here we find a twist on a classic horror trope. The title is a wink to the famous line from Stella Gibbons’ 1932 novel, Cold Comfort Farm.

Up In The Window by Elizabeth Myrrdin

A woman seeks to satisfy her nagging obsession. Sometimes knowledge breeds not power, but lasting dread.

Analogue by Jarl Nicholl

A man, grieving the death of his wife, finds a fragment of her likeness in stone. He seeks to reassemble her statue, in the hopes of bringing her back to life.

Sylvia’s Pictures by DJ Tyrer

After the arrival of her new baby brother, Sylvia starts drawing pictures of the Raggedy man. Is it a cry for attention, or do the pictures hold something more sinister?

The Guard by B.T. Joy

Harry, night guard at the Metropolitan Museum, becomes increasingly curious about one of its exhibits. But what begins as idle interest soon escalates into a dangerous obsession.

Sacrificial Version by Jeremy Thompson

A door sprouts from the floor, accessible to a single sojourner. Beneath it, concrete steps descend to a subterranean nightclub filled with bizarre celebrants.

The Man Who Left No Footprints in The Snow by Matt Tveter

One cold winter morning, an elderly woman receives an unexpected visitor.

The Lake House by Joseph Rubas

After losing his wife to cancer, novelist Jim Conner retreats to a cabin in the mountains of Vermont.

Cold Harbour by Ro McNulty

A social worker begins to suspect that there is someone else living in her client’s house.