Onyx Neon Shorts: End Of The Year Collection 2014

Onyx Neon Shorts: End Of The Year Collection 2014

by Laura Spain, David Oppegaard, Ben Solomon, Jonathan Hansen, Nikolus Cook, Fred McGavran, Gary Gray, Aaron M. Wilson

This is the complete collection of Onyx Neon Shorts stories from 2014, plus three poems by Seattle-based poet Nikolus Cook, and an additional stories from Aaron M. Wilson, Fred McGavran, and Jonthan Hansen. In this collection we have 16 stories that show a wide swath of human nature. These stories encompass everything from: super villains to the end of the world and the last bookstores that dwell there; to a gumshoe in the city to the tale of a boy and his search for something lost in history. These are stories about people and places—the things that shape us.

This collection is everything we’ve been working on for the last year. For us it’s the culmination of a year’s work. For the writers it’s more than that. It’s the unveiling of something that they hold near to their hearts. These stories are so good, and I can’t wait for you to read them.

As a project Onyx Neon Shorts is simple. One monthly short story release from authors of any genre, gender, sexual orientation, or subject matter. Quality of content, not specific genres. If a short work is well written, if it makes you feel something, if it touches on something true about human nature, the world, or life we will probably like it. .

In this collection we have 16 examples that show a part of human nature:

Three Poems by Nik Cook

  • 100 Words on a Tablet of Acetaminophen
  • Meteor—
  • His Own Idiom

Three stories by Laura Spain

  • Our Final Crash
  • The Melody of the Willow’s Memory
  • Orion’s Belt

Two stories by Gary Gray

  • The Tangletown Tailor
  • River Don’t Run

Two stories by Jonathan Hansen

  • Harris
  • Billy Torch Takes a Beating

Two stories by Fred McGavran

  • Battlefield, Indiana
  • Devil’s Mill

One story by David Oppegaard

  • Breakneck Cove

One story by Ben Solomon

  • The Hard-Boiled Detective 69 Statement No. 1: Pierre-Louis Leblanc

Two stories by Aaron M. Wilson

  • The Paperless Doctrine of 2152
  • The MoPac Trail