Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams & Projects

by Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies

December 2011

Liftoff—it's the unexplored, often ignored, Agile project practice.

As the first act of the flight, a rocket launch requires an entire set of systems to successfully lift the vehicle into orbit—not just the vehicle itself, but all the systems needed for smoothly moving off the ground into space. Likewise, your project needs its entire set of supporting systems in place to begin a successful journey to delivery.

You too can launch successful projects! Agile veterans Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies share their experience and teach you how to organize and conduct liftoffs, hold team activities to discover what's most important, and offer a working framework for effective and lightweight agile chartering.

Modern Perl

by chromatic

October 2010

Modern Perl is one way to describe how effective Perl 5 programmers work. These programs are shorter, faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain than their alternatives. You can learn this too, whether you've dabbled with Perl for a decade or someone just handed you this book and said "Fix this code by Friday."

Covers Perl 5.10 and Perl 5.12.


by S. Christopher

coming soon

The only thing worse than waking up with a dead body is waking up with your own dead body. Maybe it helps if you're still very much alive. Maybe not. All she knows now is that someone wanted her dead. She's mastered the secrets of time and space. Surely understanding mortality can't be that difficult.

A philosophical and supernatural romance, or a meditation on free will.


by S. Christopher

In a crisis, an average person may demonstrate superhuman characteristics. Usually they go away. Usually. No one asked for this power—no one ever does—but they still have to figure out how to use it before their existence destroys their world.

A novel about power, about leaders, and the importance of small decisions.

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by S. Christopher

When Ben turned thirty, thirty hit back. His awakening was gradual: a sense of wonder suppressed, the fear that he'd given up his only chance at happiness, the question of whether this is all life is. How do you live with the world weighing you down? Is Emily the key?

A novel about becoming who you are.

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Parrot Developer's Guide: PIR

by Allison Randal, Andrew Whitworth & The Parrot Team

mod_perl 2 User's Guide

by Stas Bekman & Jim Brandt

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