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Submission Guidelines

At Onyx Neon Press we strive to release the best from authors around the globe. We’re always looking for new and original ways to bring the author’s voice into the light. We accept submissions of original fiction or non-fiction of any genre.

Things that our editors tend to favor because of personal preference: SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, literary fiction, genre fiction, humor, satire, mythology, alternate history. This does not in any way limit your ability to send in essays, epic poems, young-adult fiction, flash fiction, discourse, mystery or anything else, but we wanted to alert you to editor bias on the front end. We want our stories to be as diverse as the authors who write them, and strongly encourage submissions from writers in underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited in anyway to writers of any gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and ability, as well as characters, themes, and images that represent these groups.

What we pay: We offer a 50% share of the net profit. Some places offer a flat rate, but we felt it was fairer to give you a cut of the total profit, which means you could continue to make money forever.

What rights do we get from you? Our contract gives us a license to publish your work, but states that you own it, now and forever. We come from a background of both fiction and techie nerdiness. Open source is cool. We do not require exclusivity. Your story is yours, we publish it for as long as you let us, and we stop publishing it if you find yourself somewhere where they don’t let you have it in multiple places.

How to submit: Don’t send an email asking where to send your submission, just send it. Submissions should be emailed to submissions@onyxneon.com. Please put “Submission - [your name] - [title]” in the subject line to help us make sure we can find it. Submissions should be in something closely resembling standard manuscript format and be sent as .doc, docx, .rtf, or plain-text attachments. Don’t copy and paste submissions into the email. Make it look presentable. We will read every submission that comes in, so say hello, but the content of your story is what’s important, not the content of your message.

Should I include an “about the author?” No it’s not required, we’ll get that from you if we select your story for use.

Do you accept multiple submissions? Yes, of course, but if you do send multiple stories please send them in separate emails with separate headings so that we can keep track of all of the stories. We will read them in the order in which they come in, so it may take us a little longer.

Have you read my story? We reply to everything when we’ve finished evaluating, and we will let you know if we’re going to publish it or not. We hate waiting to hear back from people as much as the next person, so we don’t wish that on anyone.

Artwork? If you have artwork that relates to your story, and you own the rights to it or can attain the rights, please feel free to send that along with it. It won’t sway our opinion if you don’t, but if it’s good artwork it certainly makes our lives easier. We pay a flat rate for cover art. Graphic novels or illustrations within text receive the same royalties as books or short stories without artwork. And, we’ll cite the artwork appropriately, online and in the book itself.