chromatic has done many things.

While his expertise lies somewhere between writing and software development, he's responsible for most of the technology behind Onyx Neon's publishing platform.

You may know him from his work in Perl testing, his years of development on the Parrot virtual machine, his many talks at conferences, or, most recently, the free Perl programming book which describes how to write great code in the 21st century, Modern Perl and the companion blog Modern Perl Books.

His varied interests include programming language design (he is an uncredited contributor to the award-winning Masterminds of Programming) and software development (he is an uncredited contributor to The Art of Agile Development), and self-directed investment (including a value investing guide for novice investors). He also knows how to make a perfect smoothie.

Besides managing the technical side of Onyx Neon, he is the lead technician at Big Blue Marble, and a taste tester at Blender Recipe Reviews. Visit his homepage at, email him at, or follow @chromatic_x on Twitter.

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