S. Christopher

S. Christopher left the world of software development for writing in 2002. He has unloaded dry ice, framed houses, written certification tests for box-making factories and database administrators, worked simultaneously at two newspapers, taught preschool, played in a rock band, driven an ambulance (once), and helped burn through a million dollars at a dot-com company.

He lives in the Pacific Northwest where he tries to keep his cats off of the keyboard when he types and fails to mow his lawn as often as his neighbors would like. His first novel, Gravitas, explored the idea of connectedness and community. His second novel, Gigapolis discussed duty, sacrifice, and the inescapable inevitability.

His third novel, Glow (a supernatural murder mystery), is scheduled for release in late 2012.

Follow him as @scthewriter on identi.ca or @scthewriter on Twitter.

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