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At Onyx Neon Press we strive to release the best from authors around the globe. We're always looking for new and original ways to bring the author's voice into the light. We're proud to announce the unveiling of a new project that we couldn't be happier with. It's called Onyx Neon Shorts, and it's a single serving of literary goodness. Once a month we'll bring you one piece of short fiction or non-fiction. They'll be available for purchase for $0.99 in ebook formats.

We're accepting short stories from authors of any and all genres. That's right. All genres. So if you've got a short story that you want to release into the world, send it to shorts@onyxneon.com and we'll review it and let you know if it's a good fit for us. Guidelines are below.

Reasons why this is cool for you:

  1. Through our network of connections we take care of getting your story seen by a wide audience.
  2. You still retain all the rights to that story, and if you decide to run the story somewhere else, we can at any point take that story down.
  3. Get exposure while still making 50% of the profits from your story.

Onyx Neon Shorts Submission Guidelines

What we are: Onyx Neon Shorts is part of Onyx Neon Press, and focuses on new and original short fiction and non-fiction of all genres. It is edited and maintained by Jeffrey Martin, Kit Martin, and others as needed.

What we're looking for: Onyx Neon Shorts is seeking original fiction or non-fiction of any genre. Things that our editors tend to favor because of personal preference: SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, literary fiction, genre fiction, humor, satire, mythology, alternate history. This does not in any way limit your ability to send in essays, epic poems, young-adult fiction, flash fiction, discourse, mystery or anything else, but we wanted to alert you to editor bias on the front end. We want our stories to be as diverse as the authors who write them, and strongly encourage submissions from writers in underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited in anyway to writers of any gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and ability, as well as characters, themes, and images that represent these groups.

What's the length? We favor stories under 10,000 words. We are flexible and will consider stories that are longer than 10,000 words, but stories between 5,000 and 10,000 will get preferential treatment. If you have an amazing story, submit it to us, we may find a different media for it, or serialize it. We can do a great many things.

What we pay: We offer a 50% share of the net profit. Some places offer a flat rate, but we felt it was fairer to give you a cut of the total profit, which means you could continue to make money forever.

What rights do we get from you? Our contract states that this story that we acquiring from you is yours, now and forever. We come from a background of both fiction and techie nerdiness. Open source is cool. We do not require exclusivity. Your story is yours, we publish it for as long as you let us, and we stop publishing it if you find yourself somewhere where they don't let you have it in multiple places.

How to submit: Don't send an email asking where to send your story, just send it. Submissions should be emailed to shorts@onyxneon.com). Please put "Onyx Neon Shorts - [your name] - [story title]" in the subject line to help us make sure we can find the story. Submissions should be in something closely resembling standard manuscript format and be sent as .doc, docx, .rtf, or plain-text attachments. Don't copy and paste submissions into the email. Make it look presentable. We will read every submission that comes in, so say hello, but the content of your story is what's important, not the content of your message.

Should I include an "about the author?" No it's not required, we'll get that from you if we select your story for use.

Do you accept multiple submissions?Yes, of course, but if you do send multiple stories please send them in separate emails with separate headings so that we can keep track of all of the stories. We will read them in the order in which they come in, so please don't expect us to reply immediately with an emphatic "yes."

Do you accept simultaneous submissions? We'd prefer if you sent it to us and us alone. A lot of other places have exclusivity clauses, and we'd hate to fall in love with your story and not be able to publish it. Obviously we're an open platform, and it's your beautiful work, so it is your choice.

Have you read my story? We reply to everything when we've finished evaluating, and we will let you know if we're going to publish it or not. We hate waiting to hear back from people as much as the next person, so we don't wish that on anyone.

Why are you so slow? We read a lot of stories, and we leave the vault sometimes. We do this because we love it and we want to be able to offer an incredible service to both readers and writers. So with that in mind, we aren't sitting around doing nothing, we are busy and probably reading your story as you're thinking about writing us. The maximum we will make you wait is 3 months. Seriously, if you haven't heard from us after three months please feel free to send us an angry email with lots of grumpy emoticons.

Artwork? If you have artwork that relates to your story, and you own the rights to it, or can attain the rights please feel free to send that along with it. It won't sway our opinion if you don't, but if it's good artwork it certainly makes our lives easier. At this point we can't pay for artwork, but we'll cite it appropriately. Online, and in the book itself.

In conclusion

Our ideal submission is between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Please make it resemble submission formatting (google if you haven't done this before). We aren't limiting the scope and length, but that's our ideal goal. If you aren't in that range, please submit it anyway, just know that we are people and we have preferences. Please send it to shorts@onyxneon.com.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to reading your beautiful and unique original short fiction and non-fiction.

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